GotChosen Plans For Future Growth Even If Fiscal Cliff Is Looming

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) December 14, 2012

GotChosen introduced that David Fitzpatrick of Gaithersburg, MD won the first GotScholarship $ 40K to give up. And GotChosen is ongoing its resolve for fulfill college dreams using the second GotScholarship $ 40K to give up.

You will find much more possibilities for future, current and graduated students using the worldwide expansion to Canada, South america, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

GotChosen joined with Dr. Steve D. Whitaker, Ph.D., Mind of faculty in the First Academy, in Orlando, Florida for that official drawing from the first GotScholarship Forty Dollars To Give Up.

The champion was resolute while using True Random Number generator at http://world wide This independent website is really a cryptographically strong random number generator utilizing random chaotic atmospheric data.

The registration process David completed at was easy and simple. He elevated his likelihood of winning by utilizing social networking and gathering sponsors. David had nine sponsors it was equal to ten records for that GotScholarship $ 40K to give up.

GotChosen is definitely an innovative startup in digital media presently based in Orlando, FL. The organization is developing an unequalled interactive media and educational exchange experience for customers.

An important component of the core values of GotChosen is really a deep-rooted resolve for hand back. David is the first one to take advantage of the focus of creating greater education open to more students.

To learn more contact media(at)gotchosen(us dot)com


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