How to Remote Control Your PC Using Your Phone

Handheld Remote Control Your Computer Making Use Of Your Phone

Ever wondered what it’d end up like to manage media applications and processes of the Home windows PC making use of your phone? Wouldn’t it’s great should you could just pause VLC on your computer making use of your phone? If you are keen on “wireless-ness” and wanted you could control nearly every aspect your computer using just your Android phone, this is how that you can do just that!

Unified Remote is among the most features filled PC remote. It creates any Android tool and Home windows Phone. We’d expect so that it is readily available for iOS device too, but remarkably not. This handy application has controls for nearly every possible media application available within an average person’s computer. Whether it is Home windows Media Player, VLC, Spotify, YouTube or perhaps Google Chrome, you’ll have not a problem remote controlling it.


1. Connect your phone and PC on a single network.

2. Download Unified Remote’s Home windows application, do the installation on your computer and launch it.

3. Install Unified Remote application in the Google Play Store or even the Home windows Phone application.

4. Launch Unified Remote in your phone, visit “Servers” and then click “Add -> Automatic“.

If things are setup correctly, you need to call at your PC’s title display in the list. Choose it and mind to “Remote controls“.

Just in case you do not call at your PC’s title pop on the server list, make certain both your computer and also the phone is attached to the same wireless network as well as your firewall isn’t obstructing the Unified Remote application.

How about Linux and Mac?

Just just in case you aren’t a Home windows user, it appears the designers are focusing on a Linux and Mac version, so you ought to be seeing it soon. The apple iphone version can also be planned to produce soon.

Stuff I Wager You Didn’t Know

Other when compared to a media player, are you aware that Unified Remote can control almost any digital camera including bulbs and fans (yes, I’m serious), provided you’ve arrange it properly? They’ve got designed hardware (TellStick) that conveys with electronic products over an IR transmitter and receiver. No kidding. read this connect to discover more.


Unified Remote is free of charge, it has a premium version ($3.99) that’s full of more features for example browser navigation remote for Chrome, Opera, Opera and IE, supports The planet pandora, Hulu, Boxee, YouTube, NetFlix, Picasa, Home windows Photo Viewer and Ms powerpoint and switch for turning the computer monitor display off or on, system standby etc.


Unified Remote is among the most effective handheld remote control application we have ever run into. If you work with your computer like a media center, this really is surely one application you will need to own.

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