Microsoft reportedly changing Metro design branding to ‘Windows 8’

imageToday that Microsoft has nixed “Metro” since the name because of its brand new tile-based design language, it’s reportedly going to be flipping to simply “Windows 8.” ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley says that according to this girl sources, “Metro-style applications” definitely will formally become “Windows 8 applications,” the “Metro owner interface” definitely will become the “Windows 8 owner interface,” and “Metro design” is going to be “Windows 8 design.” Foley points to the brand new promotional page for Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet 2, which touts “desktop and Windows 8 apps,” because a sign which producers can even have been updated of the conclusion. On Windows Cellphone 8, Microsoft remains to be stated to feel calling the interface “Windows 8.”

Microsoft did not formally revealed the conclusion to stop utilizing the Metro codename, however a leaked memo disclosed it ended up being creating the change because of a “important European partner,” perhaps Germany business Metro AG. Because then, it has apparently been pushing the phase “Windows 8 design UI” or maybe “New User Interface” however had been expected to choose a brand new name by the end of the week. Just phoning it Windows 8 is better than either of those, but you don’t envy the individual which has got to explain the reasons why the software somebody is using on Windows 8 isn’t in fact a “Windows 8 software.”

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