Nokia adds Qi wireless charging tech to new Lumia phones

Nokia adds Qi wireless charging

by Terrence O’Brien,
September fifth 2012 12:46 PM

Therefore the large buzz from the day’s just passed, but its time to pay attention to the lesser particulars of Nokia’s large Home windows Phone 8 / Lumia presser: the add-ons. Revealed throughout the presentation today, the Lumia 920 and 820 both incorporate Qi tech for wireless charging (although, optionally within the latter’s situation), a perk which will let customers select from the business’s own stylish, cleaning soap-bar like pier, Fatboy pillow or perhaps an NFC-outfitted charging stand. The 3 function just as marketed — place the phone on the top also it begins charging immediately. The fundamental pier is identical kind of plastic that now graces the outdoors from the Lumia line. It is rather simple, slightly shiny and is available in a number of hues. The Pillow is broad, flat and never exactly comfortable. The charging element sits in the actual middle and it is encircled by beanbag-like cushions on every side save for that top — we wouldn’t advise putting it beneath your mind to visit sleep.

Probably the most interesting peripheral is certainly the charging stand. It is the least cumbersome from the charging options and it is have a neat trick up its sleeve. An NFC nick baked into its base may be used to tell a Lumia to produce an application whenever you put it within the pier. So, you can easily convey a 920 lower, ensure that it stays billed and instantly open your very good music player or noisy alarms. You can observe the NFC trick for action inside a video following the break.

Nokia Lumia Add-ons

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